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Dress Code
by Mike Johnson - Monday, 7 August 2017, 11:19 AM
Clothing @ Brock
Clothing is something that we choose to represent our individual selves; however, our appearance should not create a distractive, disruptive situation in the classroom or present a hazard to others. Staff and students will dress in a manner that is appropriate for the activities of the day and is respectful of self and others.
●The following clothing is not appropriate for school: spaghetti strap tops, clothing that will expose bare midriffs, low riding pants that reveal undergarments...simply, cover up.
●Clothing and accessories that display inappropriate language or illustrations are not permitted.
●In order to identify unauthorized individuals & protect students, hats/visors/hoodies are not to be worn while in the building. Please leave these in your locker.
●Shoes must be worn at all times for safety and hygiene reasons.